About Us


We are dedicated to helping businesses drive sustainability and create positive social, health & safety, and environmental impact.

Our team of experts is committed to working with organizations across industries to help them to:

Integrate ESG practices into their business strategies
Improve their ESG performance
Enhance their reputation among stakeholders

We believe that sustainable business practices are essential for the long-term success of any organization.

By focusing on ESG issues, companies can manage risks, seize opportunities, and create value for all stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, and the planet.

We help our clients navigate the complex landscape of ESG, safety and sustainability, and empower them to make informed decisions that benefit their business and society as a whole.

Our Mission: Adding value by serving our customers with passion while accompanying them in the continuous improvement of their businesses and the development of their resources.

Our Vision: Be the consulting firm of reference in sustainability and safety culture transformation

Our Values: Transparency, Honesty & Integrity.


Simplified solutions

We focus on developing simple and practical solutions that are easy for clients to implement. This approach can help reduce complexity and make it easier for clients to understand and engage with ESG issues.

Agile processes

ESG Safety Management adopts agile processes that enable quick and flexible responses to changing ESG trends and client needs.

This approach can help ensure that solutions are tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities of each client, and that they are able to adapt to evolving ESG, regulatory framework and stakeholders expectations.

Client-focused approach

We have a strong focus on meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. This approach can help ensure that solutions are relevant and practical, and that our clients are satisfied with the services provided.


We are committed to using evidence-based approaches, drawing on the latest research, industry best practices, and stakeholder insights.

This approach will help ensure that recommendations are grounded in data and analysis, and that solutions are effective in achieving desired outcomes.


An effective approach is to integrate ESG, safety and sustainability practices into every aspect of a business, including strategy, operations, and culture.

This approach ensures that ESG and safety are not treated as an add-on, but rather is embedded into the DNA of the organization.


We take a holistic approach, addressing the interconnected nature of environmental, social, governance and safety issues. This approach recognizes that sustainability is not just about reducing environmental impacts, but also about creating positive social (including our clients employees) and economic outcomes, and ensuring strong governance practices.


We collaborate with other organizations, including NGOs, industry groups, and government agencies, to leverage their expertise and resources, and drive collective action on ESG, safety and sustainability issues. This approach can help accelerate progress on ESG and sustainable goals, and promote the adoption of best practices across industries.


We embrace innovation, looking always for new technologies, business models, and partnerships to drive ESG performance and create positive impact. This approach can help unlock new opportunities for sustainable growth, and enable companies to stay ahead of the curve in addressing emerging ESG challenges.

Continuous improvement

We are be committed to continuous improvement, using feedback and data to refine and improve ESG solutions over time. This approach can help ensure that the services provided are always evolving and improving to meet the changing needs of clients and the ESG landscape.


We are results-driven, focusing on outcomes that drive positive social, environmental, health & safety, and economic impact. This approach will help ensure that clients are able to achieve their ESG, safety and sustainability goals, and that the solutions we provide are effective in creating tangible benefits.


Our journey began with the desire of leaving a legacy of sustainable development in Puerto Rico and other countries. Driven by the passion we both have to add value in everything we do. We have seen the struggles and challenges that society in general is having these days. How the need to do more with less, the lack of resources and the speed of the world may reflect in the environmental, health and safety decisions and perspectives.

How thinking in sustainability is vital to keep businesses running and how the need to address these topics have become relevant, and essential to thrive in the economic world.

We joined forces with more than 45 years of experience combined to leave a legacy of economic sustainability and safety for the upcoming generations.

By adopting these approaches, we create value for our clients, stakeholders, and society as a whole, and help drive progress toward a more sustainable, safety and equitable future in Puerto Rico and The Caribbean.

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